Even after NWP grant funds are spent, past recipients are part of the fabric of NWP. The Volunteer Committee keeps NWP members aware of volunteer opportunities and donation requests for our past Impact Grant and Founders Gift recipients as the NWP family grows.


This Bulletin Board is a place where you can check out ongoing volunteer opportunities and contribution wish lists from our past Grant and Founders Gift Recipients.

After-School All-Stars Las Vegas
After-School All-Stars Las Vegas (ASAS) provides free comprehensive after school programs that keep children safe and help them achieve in school and in life. Their purpose is to provide underprivileged youth with the opportunity to participate in sports, educational, cultural and community enrichment programs. ASAS received NWP’s 2007 Impact Grant to create programs at Roundy Elementary School and expand programs at Wynn Elementary School.
For ASAS’s In-Kind Donation Wish List, click here
Or contact Christine Bouchard,  Christine.bouchard@asaslv.org.
For more information on After-School All Stars, visit their website at www.asaslv.org.

Blind Center of Southern Nevada
The Blind Center assists individuals who are blind or visually impaired in reaching their highest physical, social, intellectual, and economic potential. To achieve these objectives they pursue three focus areas: personal development, social interaction, and provident living. The Blind Center was the 2018 Founders Gift recipient.
For The Blind Center’s Volunteer Opportunities, click here.
For more information on The Blind Center or Southern Nevada, visit their website at www.blindcenter.org  or contact:
Theresa Davis theresa@blindcenter.org, 702-375-8901; Todd@blindcenter.org.

Communities In Schools of Nevada
Communities in Schools works with the public schools to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. NWP funded CIS’s “Access to Opportunity Project” in 2014, providing six high schools with technology labs to ensure low-income, at-risk students accessibility to computers and online resources necessary for graduation and college preparation.
For CIS’s Volunteer Opportunities & Donation Wish List contact Irazu Velasquez at Irazuv@cisnevada.org, 702-550-3977.
For more information on Communities in Schools, visit their website at www.cisnevada.org.

Community Counseling Center of Southern Nevada
Community Counseling Center promotes the healthy functioning of individuals, families and communities through affordable, sensitive and professional behavioral health services in a safe environment. They provide individual and group counseling services to clients suffering with difficult circumstances like addiction, HIV/AIDS, homelessness, domestic violence, depression and Posttraumatic stress disorder. CCC received our Founders Gift in 2011.
For CCC Volunteer Opportunities and In-Kind Donation Wish List, click here.
For more information on CCC, visit their website at www.ccofsn.org.

Discovery Children’s Museum
The mission of DISCOVERY Children’s Museum is to foster a welcoming, vibrant, and inclusive environment where all are invited to engage in playful and educational experiences that ignite a lifelong love of learning. Discovery Children’s Museum was the 2010 recipient of NWP’s $30,000 dollar Founders Gift.
Check back soon for Discovery Children’s Museum Volunteer Opportunities or contact Irene Cedillo 702-382-3445 ext 110; Icedillo@DiscoveryKidsLV.org.
For information on special event volunteer opportunities, click here.
For more information on Discovery Children’s Museum, please visit their website at discoverykidslv.org.

Future Smiles
Future Smiles provides vital oral health care and education to at-risk children, decreasing the incidence of oral disease and increasing the likelihood of lifelong healthy dental care and behaviors. Future Smiles received the 2018 Impact Grant. Previously, Future Smiles received our Founders Gift in 2015.
For Future Smiles Volunteer Opportunities and Donation Wish List, contact Christine Kenney Christine@futuresmiles.net, 617-549-3300 or
Terri Chandler Terri@futuresmiles.net, 702-521-4550
For more information on Future Smiles, please visit their website at www.futuresmiles.net.

Girls and Boys Town Nevada
Girls and Boys Town gives at-risk children the family support and care they need to overcome their circumstances and realize their potential. They received our Founders Gift in 2007.
For Girls and Boys Town Volunteer Opportunities and In-Kind Donation Wish Lists, click here.
For more information on Girls and Boys Town, visit their website at www.boystown.org.

Goodwill of Southern Nevada
Goodwill is an innovative and sustainable social enterprise that turns donations of goods and cash into new jobs and new careers for people facing challenges to finding employment. Goodwill gives unemployed and underemployed individuals access to soft skills training, on-the-job training, job search tools, career advice, one-on-one counseling, job leads, motivational support, and essential supportive services needed to attain or retain a good job. In 2012, Goodwill received NWP’s Impact Grant to create the Veteran Integration Program.

If you have high end, designer clothes, bags, shoes, furniture, Goodwill will direct your goods to be sold either at one of our boutiques or through our online store. Email Magda Hirsch, Director of Fund Development at magdah@sngoodwill.org and identify yourself as the member of Nevada Women’s Philanthropy, to arrange for pick up or drop off.
For Goodwill volunteer opportunities, click here.
For Goodwill’s In-Kind Donation Wish List, please go to www.goodwill.vegas/donate.
For more information on Goodwill, visit their website at www.goodwill.vegas.

HELP of Southern Nevada
HELP of Southern Nevada assists families and individuals overcome barriers and attain self-sufficiency through direct services, training, and referrals to community resources. HELP received the 2016 NWP Impact Grant to purchase, furniture, fixtures and equipment for the new Shannon West Homeless Youth Center located on the Flamingo Campus.
For more information on HELP, visit their website at www.helpsonv.org
Or contact Abby Quinn  Aquinn@HELPSONV.ORG.

Helping Hands of Vegas Valley
Helping Hands of Vegas Valley (HHVV) provides services to senior citizens, allowing them to remain living in their homes independently. HHVV provides transportation for medical appointments, shopping trips and errands. They serve their clients with both a walk in and a delivery food pantry. They also provide minor home repair services and a caregiver respite program. They received our Founders Gift in 2012 in collaboration with James Seastrand Helping Hands of North Las Vegas and the two organizations merged in April 2019.
For HHVV Volunteer Opportunities, click here.
For HHVV In-Kind Donation Wish List, click here.
For more information on HHVV, visit their website at https://hhovv.org/
Or contact Nina Gallagher, Development Director at nina.gallagher@hhofvv.org

Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada
Legal Aid Center is a nonprofit law firm dedicated to providing direct legal representation, counsel and advice and community legal education to those who cannot afford an attorney. They have a wide variety of programs to help victims of domestic violence and crime, victims of consumer fraud and children in the foster care system. Legal Aid received NWP’s Impact Grant in 2009 to expand its Foster Care Early Intervention Program.
For Legal Aid Volunteer Opportunities for Non-Lawyers, click here.
For Legal Aid Volunteer Opportunities for Lawyers, click here.
For more information on Legal Aid, visit their website at www.lacsn.org.
Or contact Christine Miller, Director of Community Initiatives and Outreach, at Cmiller@lacsn.org.

Lutheran Social Services of Nevada
Lutheran Social Services of Nevada was awarded NWPs Impact Grant of $490,000 in 2009. The grant was made in order to add an additional 2,000 sq feet to their existing 750sq ft food pantry. 5,000 additional food insecure individuals will be served annually. LSSN serves low-income, at-risk of homelessness, homeless, families with or without children, youth, veterans, people with disabilities, and senior citizens, by providing services such as an online grocery style food pantry, mobile food distribution events, nutrition education classes and live cooking demonstrations, senior citizen meal services, homeless prevention and rapid rehousing, mainstream benefits applications, and other safety net services.
To volunteer contact Lisa Riggleman – Director of Community Outreach lriggleman@lssnv.org, 702-639-1730
For more information on LSSN, visit their website at www.lssnv.org.

Nathan Adelson Hospice
The Nathan Adelson Hospice provides high quality hospice care to patients and their families regardless of their ability to pay. Using an interdisciplinary approach of hospice and palliative care, it is the only nonprofit hospice in Southern Nevada. They received our Founders Gift in 2008.
For Nathan Adelson Hospice Volunteer Opportunities, click here.
For more information on the Hospice, visit their website at www.nah.org.

Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation
Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation provides the essential building blocks including extended educational curriculum, extracurricular activities, social opportunities, and transitional skills to children who are visually impaired. Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation was the 2021 Founders Gift recipient.  
For more information about Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation, please visit them at https://nvblindchildren.org/.
Information about volunteering can be found here
Or by reaching out to Maribel Garcia, Program Manager, at mgarcia@nvblindchildren.org.  

Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth
Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth (NPHY) is the most comprehensive service provider for the thousands of homeless youth in Southern Nevada, serving hundreds of youth through its core programs and touching the lives of thousands more through outreach each year. NPHY’s programs stabilize homeless teens’ lives, meeting their immediate needs and providing a safe, supportive environment and a path to self-sufficiency. Through their work with homeless youth, NPHY creates productive, healthy adults who contribute to society. In 2013, NPHY received NWP’s Impact Grant to expand the William Fry Drop-In Center.
For NPHY’s Volunteer Opportunities, click here or contact:  volunteer@nphy.org.
For more information on NPHY, visit their website at www.nphy.org
or contact Melissa Jacobowitz Melissa@nphy.org  702-383-1332.

New Vista Ranch
New Vista Ranch is committed to providing the intellectually challenged of all ages with equal opportunities and support so that they may experience life to the fullest. In 2013, New Vista Ranch received the NWP Founders Gift.
For more information on New Vista Ranch, visit their website, http://newvistanv.org/.
For New Vista’s Volunteer Opportunities, contact Juanita Bell at j.bell@newvistanv.org.

The Public Education Foundation
The Public Education Foundation works to develop and implement school improvement strategies, create model programs, leverage resources, award grants and scholarships, and improve the standing of public schools in our community, state and nation.  PEF was NWP’s 2008 Impact Grant winner with funding used to expand the Empowerment Schools initiative.
More information about PEF can be found on their website, https://thepef.org/
Or reach out to Sebastian Cardenas at Sebastian.cardenas@pef.org.

SafeNest is our 2020 $500,000 grant Recipient. “PS417” is an innovative and collaborative crisis response program to domestic violence between Metro Police( Northwest Area Command)and Safenest.
For the SafeNest Donation Wish List, please click here.
For information on volunteering, contact Pam Bernhart, Volunteers Manager at pber@safenest.org
For more information on the SafeNest, please Safenest.org

The Salvation Army
The Salvation Army, Clark County has become the longest continuous provider of homeless services in Southern Nevada and the largest Salvation Army in the country. NWP awarded the 2011 Impact Grant to the Salvation Army for a complete replacement of their shelter and medical clinic’s roof, extending the building’s useful life by 15 years.
For Salvation Army Volunteer Opportunities, contact Kisha Alderman  Kisha.alderman@usw.salvationarmy.org, or by phone 725-777-1368.
For more information on the Salvation Army, please visit their website at www.salvationarmysouthernnevada.org.

The Shade Tree
The Shade Tree is a the largest shelter of its kind in Nevada, providing safe shelter to homeless and abused women and children in crisis in Southern Nevada. The organization received the Founders Gift in 2017.
For The Shade Tree Donation Wish List, please click here.
For The Shade Tree Volunteer Opportunities, please go to: https://www.theshadetree.org/portfolio-items/volunteer/
For more information, visit their website at: https://www.theshadetree.org/
Or contact Emily Fuentes at volunteer-coordinator@theshadetree.org

Signs of Hope (formerly The Rape Crisis Center)
The Signs of Hope center provides free help, hope and healing for Southern Nevadans affected by sexual violence. NWP funded the Signs of Hope Counseling Center with its 2010 Impact Grant.
For ways to get involved with SOH, click here.
For more information on SOH, please visit their website at www.sohlv.org
Or contact Tia Stone at Tia@sohlv.org; 702-385-2153.

Three Square Food Bank
Three Square provides wholesome food to hungry people, while passionately pursuing a hunger-free community. They received our 2009 and 2016 Founders Gifts.
For Three Square Volunteer Opportunities contact Emily Feak at  efeak@threesquare.org, 702-644-3653 x 368
For more information on Three Square, visit their website at www.threesquare.org.

Touro Health Center – Autism Center
The Health Center provides care in a leading teaching facility, providing clients a wealth of knowledge, resources, and the latest technology and practices, by experienced healthcare providers and affording educational opportunities to students under the guidance of the faculty physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. Touro received NWP’s Founders Gift in 2010.
For information about Autism Center volunteer opportunities, contact Lisa Kunz at 702-777-4808 or lkunz@touro.edu
For more information on Touro Health Center, visit their website at www.tourohealthcenter.com.

U.S. VETS Las Vegas
U.S. VETS received NWP’s 2017 Impact Grant. U.S. VETS’ mission is to help struggling veterans by providing housing and the support services they need to regain their independence.
For U.S. VETS Donation Wish List & Volunteer Opportunities, click here.
Ongoing opportunities to serve lunch (noon) or dinner (4:30 or 5), daily.
For more information, contact Audra Isbell at 702-281-6442
Aisbell@usvets.org or visit their website at https://usvets.org/locations/las-vegas/.
To sign up as a volunteer please visit: www.usvetsinc.org/how-to-help/volunteer.

WestCare Nevada
Westcare Nevada provides emergency housing, youth medical detox, substance and mental healthcare treatment, case management and job training among other services at its Women’s and Children’s campus in North Las Vegas. NWP awarded its 2015 major grant to Westcare Nevada to carry out vital improvements to an aging 33,000 sq. foot building at its Women and Children’s campus.
For WestCare Nevada Donation Wish List and Volunteer Opportunities, please contact Darlene Terrill  Darlene.terrill@westcare.com,   702-812-5281
For more information, visit their website at www.westcare.com/page/where-we-serve_NV.