Board and Committees

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NWP Board & Committees

Board of Directors
Chairman: Heather duBoef
President Emeritus: Dawn Mack
Dena duBoef
Dana Lee
Trina Pascal
Advisor: Lovee Arum
Advisor: Myra Greenspun

Executive Committee
President: Becky MacDonald
Vice President: Angela Tina
Treasurer: Ruth McCluer
Secretary: Danielle Nakhle
Committee Chairs

Communications Committee
The Communications Committee (“Communications”) serves as NWP’s liaison for media relations. This committee produces the member Notes & News email, NWP newsletters, and press releases. It also maintains all of NWPs social media presence.

Chair: Anne Kellogg

Outreach Committee
Each fall the Outreach Committee – sometimes simply called ‘Outreach’ – organizes the annual Grant Symposium, an informational presentation where local nonprofit agencies and NWP members come together to discuss the next year’s application and NWP’s unique impact grant making process. Outreach is responsible for collecting the applications and making sure each organization meets NWP’s baseline criteria before passing the applications on to the Grant Screening Committee.

Chairs: Sherry Layne & Mary Ross

Grant Monitoring Committee
Every NWP Impact Grant is monitored for three years after awarded. The recipient agency and NWP sign a grant agreement and specify the distribution schedule for grant funds. NWP’s Grant Monitoring Committee (GMC or “Monitoring”) remains in contact through an assigned NWP member serving as the grant monitor. The organization and grant monitor communicates on a regular basis on grant milestones and other data points. This committee is an invaluable means of maintaining an ongoing relationship between our members and agencies we have funded.

Chair: Wendy Hornbuckle

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee (“Membership”) is responsible for building our membership through prospective membership gatherings or “friendraisers,” and communications with members and potential members.

Chairs: Whitney duBoef & Trina Pascal

Grant Screening Committee
The Grant Screening Committee (or GSC) is responsible for thoroughly vetting the grant applicants and applications each year. It is NWP’s largest committee. New members are encouraged to serve on this committee so they can be at the heart of the process. This committee performs the essential function of analyzing each agency and its project for our members to narrow the applicant pool down to two finalists who present at the annual Grant Hearing.

Co-Chairs: Sonnya Debonis & Fawn Dowd

Education/Event Committee
The Education/Events Committee (EEC) sets the program for member community awareness and involvement with our annual “Educational Symposium” gathering. Timely community concerns are discussed by experts in the field, NWP members, and their guests. The EEC coordinates all NWP events and is responsible for the Celebration Luncheon where the newest grant winner is honored and the achievements of past winners are showcased.

Chairs: Carrie Carter-Cooper & Winnie Schulman

Volunteer Committee
The Volunteer Committee was created in 2016. It helps keep NWP members informed and in touch with past grant recipients by maintaining a list–The Volunteer Bulletin Board–of current fundraising or organizational needs. This committee also coordinates membership volunteer opportunities.

Chairs: Heidi Friedlander

Investment Committee
The Investment Committee, the newest NWP committee, was created in 2018 when the NWP Endowment Fund was established. The Endowment Fund was created to support the NWP mission with sustained and well-invested funds. It provides an opportunity for NWP members and supporters to donate outside of the grant cycle year and bequest money to ensure the robust future of NWP’s giving model.

Chair: Lori Bhargava

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