NWP Members


NWP Members are philanthropically motivated, business-minded women who want to make a real difference in Southern Nevada with their time and money.

NWP Members contribute $5,000 annually with funds due before the Grant Hearing . The funds collected determine the size of the annual Impact Grant–the more members, the larger the grant. An NWP member is eligible to serve on the operating committees, participate in member activities, and entitled to one vote to select that year’s Impact Grant Recipient. Every member’s contribution makes a direct impact on the selected project.

As part of its founding vision, NWP aims to give each member a more meaningful and personal philanthropic experience. While no time commitment is required of members, NWP encourages members to delve deeper through a variety of NWP activities. These activities include volunteer opportunities, serving on committees, and Educational Symposiums where NWP members and community leaders engage in dialogue around timely community issues.

To learn more about joining a committee or participating in member activities please contact us here.

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