Grant Process Month-by-Month

Grant Process

NWP Grant Process Calendar Month-by-Month

Outreach Committee hosts an informational Symposium for all interested non-profits. Invitation will be posted on NWP website.

Grant Applications are due to the Outreach Committee (OC) via email.

Grant Applications will be reviewed for NWP’s base criteria. Organizations will be contacted for clarifications where necessary. Those moving forward in the grant process are informed by the committee chairs.

The Grant Screening Committee (GSC) reviews Grant Applications and votes to move a number of applications onto the Document Packet (“Doc Pac”) Phase. Agencies that move forward are asked to provide additional documentation on their agency and project. GSC “Doc Pac Teams” form to evaluate the documentation further.

Doc Pac Teams submit additional questions to applicants, as needed. Applicants respond.

GSC members vote to move a reduced number of applications onto Site Interviews. Site Interviews are conducted with remaining nonprofits agencies regarding their proposed projects.

GSC selects two (2) finalists for the grant year. One alternate is also notified. Selected agencies meet with GSC chairs and sign finalist agreement documents.

Agencies prepare Final Proposal Documents due to GSC chairs for distribution to NWP members. Agencies rehearse Grant Hearing presentation with GSC. Finalists present at the Grant Hearing for NWP members. NWP Members cast ballots to determine grant recipient. Votes are tallied and the selected agency is informed. The runner up receives the Founders Gift.

Members and past grant recipients attend Grant Celebration Luncheon to share progress of grant projects.

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