NWP Endowment Fund

The NWP Endowment Fund was created in 2018 to ensure NWP’s ability to grant a large Impact Grant each year–especially in years of economic hardship when membership contributions may be diminished but our community needs the grant funds and the proposed projects most. The Endowment Fund also allows individuals, estates, and organizations to support NWP’s mission through tax-deductible donations or planned giving.


Why was the NWP Endowment Fund established?

Since our Impact Grant amount is determined by our membership totals, the amount of the Impact Grant can vary from year to year. With the establishment of the NWP Endowment Fund, we can extend our commitment to the community in good times and bad, which is the time when nonprofit agencies need grant dollars the most. 

How is my donation to the NWP Endowment Fund different from my NWP Membership Contributions?

NWP membership contributions fund the annual Impact Grant and offer NWP members a variety of opportunities to serve our community. Membership contributions offer the giver one of the limited memberships available annually.

The Endowment Fund was established to ensure the sustainability of NWP and its mission of funding a large Impact Grant each year. It serves as a vehicle for NWP members to make donations above and beyond their membership contributions. However, non-members are also invited to contribute to the mission of NWP through the Endowment. It also allows members, as well as, non-members to name the NWP Endowment in Estate Planning documents. 

If I contribute to the NWP Endowment Fund will I become a Member of NWP?

No, donations to the NWP Endowment Fund do not transfer to membership in NWP. Although related, NWP and the NWP Endowment Fund are two separate entities. 

Are donations to the NWP Endowment Fund tax-deductible?

Yes! All funds given to the NWP Endowment Fund are tax-deductible through our affiliation with the Nevada Community Foundation.

Who do I contact for information regarding the NWP Endowment?

All questions and inquiries should be directed to Lori Bhargava, the NWP Investment Committee Chair at endowment@nwpsnv.org  or the NWP President at president@nwpsnv.org. General information on the mission and structure of NWP, as well as, past Impact Grant Recipients, can be found on the NWP website, www.nwpsnv.org.

How do I make a gift to the Endowment Fund?

Donations to the Endowment Fund can be made via check, payable to the NWP Endowment Fund and mailed to the Nevada Community Foundation, 1980 Festival Plaza Drive, Suite 300, Las Vegas NV 89135.

Donations can be made via credit card by clicking on the DONATE button below. This will redirect you to NCF’s website where you can select the NWP Endowment Fund in the dropdown menu of nonprofit agencies. Please note, there is a 3% credit card processing fee on the website, which we kindly ask that you add to your gift amount. You may also contribute stock, but please consult your accountant and broker regarding any tax consequences.

For further information on stock transfers, please contact Ruth McCluer, NWP Treasurer, at finance@nwpsnv.org, Lori Bhargava, Investment Committee Chair, at endowment@nwpsnv.org or Jane Ramos at the Nevada Community Foundation, jane.ramos@nevadacf.org or 702-892-2326.