Our Story


The NWP Story

Nevada Women’s Philanthropy was founded in November of 2005 by Dena duBoef, Heather duBoef, Marcelle Frey, Dana Lee, Trina Pascal and Tawny Sanders who sought a direct and impactful approach to philanthropy. Before long, the group of six found themselves among dozens of like-minded women. Instead of granting funds that became absorbed in an organization’s day to day operations, NWP members rallied around the idea of making an investment in their community.

The members of NWP created a unique giving circle that emphasized philanthropic giving with business acumen. The mindset is to invest in sustainable ventures with value-driven returns. NWP remains an all-volunteer group that undertakes a structured process to determine one Impact Grant recipient annually. The size of the Impact grant is directly based on the number of members who each contribute $5,000. The “one-member, one-vote” format empowers every member to make her impact. Year after year, NWP continues to encourage nonprofit agencies to bring innovative projects that address critical community needs with sustainable programs.

NWP is a donor-advised fund through the Nevada Community Foundation. All donations and membership contributions are tax-deductible.